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Sutton Green Plan


The management and employees of The Sutton Place Hotel Group are aware that we utilize countless natural resources in our efforts to cater to the needs of our guests on a daily basis. We also understand, and are very much committed to, the need to conserve and eliminate unnecessary consumption and waste.

It is not just about turning off light fixtures, recycling paper, or turning down thermostats in unoccupied rooms. It is about discovering and developing systems which reduce consumption of resources; it is also about always leading the way in the implementation of sustainable and long term programs.

The Sutton Place Hotel Group is committed to do its part in helping our planet stay green, keep our lakes clear, and our air free of contaminates. Our hotels are located in places of beauty – our Green Plans will, in our opinion, help maintain them that way.

fsclogoWhat is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Paper?

FSC-certified papers contain FSC-certified wood fibre from well-managed forests, post-consumer recycled content, or a combination of FSC-certified wood fibre, recycled content and other controlled forest friendly sources.

FSC-certified forests protect wildlife habitat and endangered species, ensure clean water by respecting rivers and waterways, are not planted with genetically modified (GM) trees, or converted into plantations. To become certified, companies must also involve local communities and Aboriginal Peoples in the development of forest management plans, and respect their rights and beliefs. FSC is the only forest certification standard supported by organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund of Canada, Sierra Club of Canada, and Greenpeace.

FSC also certifies the recycled content of paper. Because there is no verification process for most recycled papers, you can’t know for sure whether the mobius loop (or recycled symbol) on paper means there is actually recycled content in it. The recycled/post-consumer waste content for FSC papers is verified, guaranteeing that is has come from recycled sources.

FSC paper can also contain fibre from forest friendly, or controlled sources. Controlled fibre means that it has been verified and cannot come from:

  • - Areas of social conflict and illegal logging
  • - Genetically modified trees
  • - High-conservation value forests
  • - Large scale conversions which replace native tree species with faster growing non-native species